Carriage Driving Lessons

Toying with the idea of picking up the reins yourself?  Carriage Driving is a wonderful sport suitable for all ages.

Instruction involves all aspects of driving: knowledge of horsemanship, harness and vehicle safety.

You will learn to get an independent seat in the vehicle, the use of voice, whip, hands and reins, and develop spatial awareness and clear intent in steering.

We will teach you all the important aspects of road safety.

Lesson 1 (1 ½ hours): €60

Harness instruction and rein handling (30 minutes)
Putting to and drive with instructor driving: demonstration of the use of reins aids and signals to other road users (40 minutes)
Unharnessing and description of harness. (20 minutes)

Lesson 2 (1 ½ hours): €60

Harnessing (20 minutes)
Drive with pupil driving (40 minutes)
Unharnessing (30 minutes)

Lesson 3 onwards (1 ½ hours): €60

Harnessing (20 minutes)
Pupil driving (50 minutes)
Unharnessing (20 minutes)

We occasionally take in horses for breaking to harness. Ideally horse owners should get involved in the process. Contact us for availability.

For riding enquiries or riding bookings phone 071 916 6156