"Horse Riding Is A Great Way To See The Countryside"

“Already looking forward to my next trek”

Trekking: 4/5 Hour O’Connor’s Island Ride

Available as part of our Mix and Match Package and the Highlight of our Atlantic Trailweek Riding Holiday.

O’Connor’s Island Ride, our signature experience, is any rider’s dream; discover the unspoilt and expansive beaches on horseback!
Feel the thrill of crossing the Atlantic channel to our private island and the ancient homestead of the family.

Your horse can enjoy the salty island grass while you relax, have a snack and explore the sites of ancient farm life on the island. A group of young horses and our dry stock cattle herd roam the islands.

Seals and migratory birds can often be spotted in the lagoon.

Departure time  depends on the tide.

It combines some brisk riding on the strand and a scenic stroll over the island with a picnic among the horses or a stop off in the village cafe for some sumptuous food.

Advance booking essential as tidal conditions dictate departure time.

Due to the duration and pace this ride is for experienced riders only.

Horses galloping through water

I come here maybe twice a year as it’s by far one of the best trekking experiences I have ever had. I had a 5 hour trek with Anita on Saturday and she was so friendly and just all round brilliant! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, a real credit to the place. I can’t wait to get back in the summer!


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