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Riding Lessons

Our Riding School offers riding lessons for all ages and abilities in our large outdoor sand arena. Riding Lessons are available as one-to-one or small group sessions.

Kids riding lessons often include horse games such as “around the world” that are fun and develop the child’s balance and confidence on horseback.

Adults will find that during the lessons you will pick up valuable horse riding tips and learn not only how to ride but also how the horse’s mind and body work.

Our young regular  riders will soon make new friends in their weekly lesson and we offer occasional special events such as day camps for our loyal local children.

We make the lessons a positive learning experience for horse and rider through a clear and positive teaching style:

  • we look at every rider as an individual and encourage feedback or questions;
  • we want to help you ride with increased confidence, body awareness and enjoyment;
  • learning to understand how horses think and act is also part of the training. Our goal is to promote in our young riders a confident practical approach, a sense of responsibility, team spirit and a thorough understanding of their ponies;
  • we cater for complete beginners up to novice level dressage and basic jumping;
  • our staff update regularly to maintain our high standard of teaching and motivation;
  • lessons are arranged by appointment at a mutually convenient time between 9 am and 6 pm.


The online system has currently only a few lesson slots to book online. If your preferred lesson format or time slot is not available online please phone us and we can arrange an appointment with you.

Girl learning to ride

20 Minute Beginner

Adults €35, Children €25

Beginners/returning to riding

Girl riding with hands up

Group Riding 45 mins

Adults €35, Children €25

After you have gained confidence on the lunge

Dressage lesson at Island View Riding Stables

Group Dressage Lessons 45 mins

Adults €35, Children €25

More experienced riders will work on seat, transitions etc

Girl jumping over a jump on horse at Island View Riding Stables

Group Jumping Lesson 45 mins

Adults €35, Children €25

One you have established a safe seat, move on to jumping.

Centered Riding at Island View Riding Stables

Centered Riding® 45 Minutes

Adults €55

Centered Riding® was developed by Sally Swift.  Read more …

Private riding lesson

Private Lesson 45 Minutes

Adults €55, Child €45

Booking a private 4 riding lesson. Read more.

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