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Private Riding Lesson

Available with a surcharge for Mix and Match

There are many reasons why it makes sense to book a private riding lesson:

Your schedule might not fit in with our group sessions, you may be struggling with confidence, you may want to bring your own horse or you might simply enjoy working on a one-to-one basis with the instructor.

In this format we can focus precisely on what you want or need to work on: your seat, your body awareness, your mindfulness, practising for a test, working with a young horse or working on an issue between you and your horse. Flatwork, dressage, jumping, lunging, assessing and getting to know your new horse – it’s your call. 

The private riding lesson is an intense and very efficient lesson format and needs to be arranged by appointment. 

Please note:

The stables cannot  accept liability for the behaviour of your own horse. During the busy holiday season we might not be in a position to offer private lessons. 

Jumping Private Lesson
Private Lesson
Private Riding Lesson
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