"The horses were so well cared for"

“I cannot recommend enough”

Horse Training

Every year we take in a small number of horses for breaking and schooling.

We also get many requests from local riders who would like us to work with their horses in giving them more schooling.

Sometimes a rider has lost a bit of confidence after a break from their horse and consequently their horse may need a bit of schooling before they feel happy to ride again.

If you wish to bring your horse to us for training, please see prices below:

Prices for training horses and ponies



Training for Riding per day




  • Training charges cover feeding and basic care only. Special grooming, shoeing, vet fees, worming, clipping are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Any special treatment, veterinary care, or preferred treatment may be charged for. Schooling fees cover livery and training per day.
  • All horses/ ponies kept here at owner’s risk. We require a minimum of 3rd party insurance along with up-to-date flu and tetanus vaccines.
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