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New in 2022: Equestrian Trekking can only be booked as part of a holiday package

All our rides are only available as part of an equestrian holiday package.

‘At the start of 2022 we decided that our business will take a new direction. We felt that we wanted to focus on equestrian holidays only. So we no longer cater for casual riders or large group bookings. Quality instead of quantity!  We still offer all our wonderful rides and lesson formats, but from now on exclusively for riding holiday clients.

As a result groups are a lot smaller and our staff can focus even more on delivering a bespoke experience.  Its a lot less busy and we have a lot more time to school and look after our equine friends. Its all about the individual and their horse.

We love to  get to know our clients and their level of riding with an assessment session at the start of their holiday.  Don’t worry this is NOT A TEST, just an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the horse at the beginning of your horse riding holiday. It means we can choose the perfect equine partner for your equestrian adventures. 

We feel the horses also enjoy having less rider changes. And,  happy horses make for a happy horse riding holiday! 

So if you are thinking of coming for a short break or even a week long break, please call or email to find out more about our riding holiday packages.

Due to the change in our business model our online booking engine is not accessible for online booking of casual trekking or lessons. 


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