Amazing Beach Ride

“We splashed through the sea on our horses”

Ride and explore pristine beaches, craggy cliffs and a private Island

All our rides are only available as part of a residential riding holiday.

We have have developed many treks that you can explore as part of your equestrian holiday. They all have one thing in common: spectacular scenery!

We specialise in beach rides and riders can enjoy our beach treks and stunning views of Donegal Bay.
We have horses to suit every type of rider big or small, experienced or novice, child or adult. Before you can embark on a beach ride we will assess you in the arena and advise you on what ride suits your ability.
All rides are guided so you can relax and connect with your horse and nature.

Guest groups with varying riding experience will be accompanied by two guides so everybody can ride at a pace they enjoy.  For mixed ability groups or novices, the 1 hour beach ride is ideal. The 1.5 hour and 2 hour beach and bog-land ride is also “do-able” for progressed novices that can stop and steer. All rides, long or short, can be booked as part of the Mix and Match Short break or Mix and match Week.

Day rides with between 4 and 6 hours duration are only suitable for more advanced riders. The Mullagmore ride, Gleniff Horseshoe ride and the rides to Dernish and Connors Island are all included in the Atlantic Trailweek holiday. You carry a picnic in your saddle bag or visit a pub or cafe for your lunch break.

Our signature experience is the ride to our private island; a totally unique day ride featuring a picnic at the ancestral home of the O’Connor Family and our herd of home bred horses roaming the dunes.

All riders will need to sign a rider registration form before they can commence their riding holiday. Children will have to be signed for by their parent/guardian.
We reserve the right to change routes, estimated pace or other variables of the rides for rider safety and horse welfare reasons. Client ability and fitness, tides, weather and unforeseen hazards may dictate short notice changes to the rides.

Trekking Options To Suit All Levels

Girl leaning forward on half hour ride at Island View Riding Stables

Half Hour Ride

We have well-trained safe ponies to suit even the smallest of riders.

One Hour Beach Ride

1 Hour Beach Ride

Our most relaxed ride. Suitable for most levels of horse riders .

One and a half hour ride on beach

1.5 Hour Beach Ride

Enjoy riding the full length of Trawalua beach/Strand and an opportunity….

Horse riders walking towards Cliffoney

2 Hour Beach & Bog Ride

Combines coastal and rural experience: riding by sea and countryside.

3 hour beach bog ride

3 Hour Beach & Bog Ride

Offers experienced riders an opportunity for a canter along Trawalua Beach

Horses from Island View Riding  Stables in the water at Streedagh Beach

3 Hour Streedagh Beach Ride

Trek across the lagoon to Streedagh beach where a fresh gallop awaits.

Horseriders walking through water towards Dernish Island

4/5 Hour Dernish Island Trek

Any rider’s dream. depending on tides,
it is either 4 hours or
5 hours long  

Mullaghmore Ride

4 Hour Mullaghmore Coastal Ride

Head to Mullaghmore after an exhilarating ride on Trawalua Beach.

O Connors Island Ride

4/5 Hour O Connor's Island Ride

Combines brisk riding on the beach, a scenic stroll over the island & picnic.
4 hours or 5 hours long


Rider at Gleniff Horseshoe

5.5 Hour Gleniff Horseshoe Ride

Only a few miles inland from the coast you will find the barren Gleniff Horseshoe Valley beneath Benwiskin mountain.

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